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  • “He was indeed an expert in the field and exactly the type of person we wanted to talk to. “Manager, Consulting Firm

  • “There is a huge quality difference between expert network firms… in my opinion, Guidepoint outperforms. “Consultant at top-Tier Consulting Firm, NYC

  • “My project manager knows our requirements and the type of people we like to speak with. You win on both quality and timing.” Senior Analyst, Hedge Fund


Phone Consultations

Direct phone conversations with vetted industry experts provide immediate insights.

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Custom-designed surveys and polls enable you to gather authoritative viewpoints from a panel of credentialed industry experts.

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Expert-led sessions provide shared or individual access to expert insights in a face-to-face setting.

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Guidepoint Tracker

Proprietary monthly data provide an early look at trends in usage, market share, and pricing for therapeutics and medical devices.

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Guidepoint Careers 

At Guidepoint, we share a passion for excellence and success. We are a diverse group of individuals who each bring unique talents and perspective to our community.

We know experts. We also know talent. If you’re passionately curious, you might just fit in with our team of like-minded, driven-to-success superstars.

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Latest Events & Insights

Guidepoint’s Tracker Ages Well

In an Integrity Research article, Sanford Bragg discusses Guidepoint’s Tracker service, which provides monthly data on segments of the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

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