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We link leading business and investment decision makers with the world's foremost subject matter experts



We are an international primary market research firm that helps hundreds of institutional investment and corporate Clients gain critical insights via qualitative research and on-demand interactions with our global consulting network of subject matter experts.


We enable our Clients to connect with subject matter experts via telephone consultations, surveys, proprietary data products, meetings and teleconferences.



Guidepoint Global was founded in 2003 and acquired Vista Research from Standard & Poor's in 2009. Our global consulting network of 200,000+ Advisors has performed over 300,000 consultations for Clients.


Our sector-focused recruiting teams combine the strength of our network and our proprietary technology platform with their industry expertise to deliver the highest quality Advisor consultations.



Compliance is the foundation of all of Guidepoint's services.  It provides the confidence Clients need to act on their research and the security Advisors require to share their expertise.


Guidepoint provides a variety of highly-customizable tools to support Clients' management of their own compliance programs.


Learn more about Guidepoint Global's compliance program.

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